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Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden
Board of Directors

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Who we are


Michel Czehatowski, Executive Director

Michel has practiced Tai Chi for many years and has taught for Redding Tai Chi since 2015. He retired from his acupuncture medical practice after 36 years of service

in 2020.

Melinda Kashuba, Board President

Former College Educator, Redding resident. Involved in community projects. Melinda has been an active student with Redding Tai Chi for over five years.


Iraja Siva-Das, Board Vice-President

Mathematics Instructor at Shasta College. Iraja started with Redding Tai Chi in 2016.

Bill Campbell, Board Secretary

Retired Teacher, Bill has been active with Redding Tai Chi for over five years.


Members at Large:

  Sheila, Hurst, Hillary Howell, Veronica Johnson


  Ron Huett, Construction and Contracting​

Founding Members:

Lilian Cesario, Michel Czehatowski, Linda Finkel,

Donald Jacobs, Phylliss Nettesheim, Cathy Stone

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