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About our Logos

"Most people don't see the turtle at first..."

The Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden will be located in the McConnell Arboretum & Gardens at Turtle Bay Exploration Park. With that in mind the designer of our logo incorporated the most prominent feature of the park - the Sundial Bridge and paired it with the Yin Yang symbol. In China the actual name for the Yin Yang symbol is the "Tai Chi" diagram. It is this symbol from which the exercise of Tai Chi takes its name.

But there is more to our logo. The Yin Yang symbol is typically composed of matching halves with an

"S-shaped" line between them. However, in our logo, the white segment has morphed into the head of a turtle and the darker part becomes its shell. You will also see that there are three legs below and a small tail. Most people don't see the turtle at first but once you know about it you can't help but see it. The end result of our logo design is the combination of the Sundial Bridge, the Tai Chi symbol, and a turtle representing Turtle Bay Exploration Park.


The Redding Tai Chi logo puts forth the idea of complementary opposites - which is the foundation of the Tai Chi exercise. The colors of black and white are the traditional colors that represent the Tai Chi symbol from which the exercise takes its name. The Chinese characters for Tai Chi Chuan (Pinyin: Taiji Quan) and a person stepping out in the Tai Chi movement known as "Single Whip" suggest the movement and the origins of the exercise. The logos for Redding Tai Chi and the Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden are the creation of artist and Industrial Designer Hannah Grgich.

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