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Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden

MG Logo_10_01_2021.png
Tai Chi Meditation Garden mockup
Artist's conception of the completed project

Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization created to fund and build a Tai Chi court for meditative exercise. The purpose of this project is to foster good health, relaxation, peace, and to reduce emotional trauma in our community. Our project will create opportunities to educate the public about Tai Chi and promote it as a healthy exercise while respecting the history and culture of its practice.  Turtle Bay Exploration Park has offered us a building site within the McConnell Arboretum & Gardens. This partnership with Turtle Bay will bring our community a project that blends art and nature and is accessible to people of all ages. It will be a place where anyone can practice Tai Chi or other low-impact meditative exercises in a peaceful setting. Our plan was inspired by the David Chen Memorial Tai Chi Court located at Cabin John Regional Park in Rockville, MD.

Contact Info:

Redding Tai Chi Meditation Garden

PO Box 493386

Redding, CA 96049-3386

Telephone: 530-223-2346


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